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Metaverse-first & Sandbox gaming
Generate $SCOOP by staking NFTs
Vote on project directions

These robotic Mecha Melters were created from four corners of the metaverse to fend off the Creepy Creams hordes. 

Comprising 6000 NFTs with staking and VX utility, they fall into four classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses: Heavies, Champs, Shinobi and Infiltrators, all piloted by the heroes of the land.



The genisis collection. Alpha Wave consists of 1,500 hand-drawn, totally unique Creepy Cream NFTs melting their way through the Ethereum Blockchain. They will always have the most utility.


Creepy Creams

We are a community-first, metaverse-first project aiming to control a large stake of Sandbox land for future partnerships, as well as our own P2E game.

Each Creepy Cream: Alpha Wave NFT grants access to our exclusive community and voting rights through generation of $SCOOP token. 


Learn more about Creepy Cream NFT utility.

Creepy Creams x Landvault Partnership

Creepy Creams already owns Land in The Sandbox

A donation of 6 ETH ($27,000) was made to Save the Children

The Team behind the Cream

Creepy Creams was born and inspired by the minds of the children of our founder, Alex. We believe everyone has good memories about ice cream from their childhood. 

Alex Alamri

Founder & Operations

Neurosurgeon by day, NFT wizard by night.

Tom Churchill

Founder & Artist

I scream for designing creams.

Fuego NFT


Continuously coding cream.

Lucy Haines

General Badass

The main cream behind the scenes.

Dan Maher

Creepy Consultant

Developing games or devouring creams.

Raj Rahman

Creepy Consultant

Finance and technology guru.


Creepy Consultant

Chief problem solver

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in the long-term vision of Creepy Creams and its community, but ultimately only you can determine if Vanilla Valley is right for you.

  1. Alphas can be staked to earn 10 $SCOOP daily (1 $SCOOP = 1 $SCOOP)
  2. Alphas will be able to breed in the future to spawn Baby Creams, using the $SCOOP that they generate.
  3. Alphas will get a 1:1 VX version for the Metaverse
  1. Mecha holders will get a bonus airdrop to set them up for the breeding and evolution in the next collections.
  2. VX mecha melters will be made ready for the metaverse.

You are able to breed alpha creams more than once by consuming $SCOOP. However, each subsequent breed will cost more and more $SCOOP to do so, therefore making it harder.

Tom has been an artist and illustrator for over a decade and a video game geek for even longer. The inspirations for the art come from years of childhood doodles, mixed in with comics and video games of the time. Think Ratchet & Clank thrown together with Jet Set Radio and PvZ with elements of Cartoon Network and Marvel thrown together. It’s a mix only accessible in Tom’s mind.


Art shown is for demonstration purposes of attributes only, actual art generated on mint day will vary.

Terms & Conditions