our secret sauce

Whilst working as NHS doctors, Alex and Tom bonded over a love for medical art, video games and good beer. After teaming up to create scientific illustrations, publications and educational videos it was time for them to create something completely different.

Creepy Creams was born to fill the world with colour and joy. Whacky and lovable characters in all flavours are at the heart of Creepy Creams. But what makes our story even more special is the inspiration they draw from Alex’s young daughters, Laiyah and Alayna.

Meet Our Team


AKA The Brains

Alex Alamri, the neurosurgeon with a buttery smooth voice, is the co-creator of Creepy Creams. His dedication to innovation and passion for the unconventional are evident in our brand’s DNA. Alex infuses years of expierence in content creation, managment and public speaking into Creepy Creams.


AKA The Artist

Tom Churchill, a talented multi discerplinary artist, is the creative force behind Creepy Creams. Beyond his medical expertise, Tom brings a distinctive artistic flair to our brand. When he’s not in the clinic, he’s busy wielding a paintbrush, infusing our universe with vibrant colors and offbeat charm.

Laiyah & Alayna

The Little Muses

Laiyah and Alayna, Alex’s young daughters, are the pint-sized powerhouses behind our brand’s spirit of youthful wonder. Their boundless imagination, infectious enthusiasm, and love for all things quirky have been a driving force in shaping Creepy Creams into what it is today. The brand bears their names as a nod to the creativity that knows no bounds when you see the world through the eyes of a child.

Our Mission

In the Creepy Creams universe, it’s all about vibing with the quirky side of life, and championing the game changers:

Apparel with Attitude

We want our drip to be drenched in street culture, made for those who celebrate a bit of madness.

Collectibles with a Twist

We’re about those grabbable goods and pixel-perfect collectibles that are as weirdly wonderful as you.

Games that will grip you

If you’re about epic stories and thumb-blistering action with a side of strange, get your game face on.

Here at Creepy Creams, we’re not just another brand; we’re a carousel of creative chaos. Come for the gear, stay for the oddities, and play for the sheer joy of it. Let’s make every day a little less ordinary.

want to work with us?

We don’t have any official vacancies at the moment. But if you believe you have an idea or talent that’s just too suited to Creepy Creams and want to share it, shoot us an email here.