We Support Children’s Charities To Make A Positive Impact.

At Creepy Creams, we’ve always been driven to make a difference. We believe that practicing corporate and social responsibility through charitable donations is a way to show our commitment to the community. By embracing causes that align with our values, we hope to demonstrate that businesses can genuinely care about urgent societal issues and can work together to address them.

When we donated £50,000 to Save the Children in November 2021, it was more than just a financial contribution; it was our way of sharing a message that even small companies like ours can make a big impact. Our philanthropic efforts come from a place of compassion and empathy, and we strive to show that businesses can have a human touch.

Save the Children is a charity that helps children and families in need around the world.

You’ve probably heard of Save the Children. It’s a charity that helps children and families in need around the world. The organisation was founded in 1919 by Eglantyne Jebb, who wanted to help kids who were starving during World War I. Since then, it’s grown into one of Britain’s largest charities, raising over $1 billion each year to support programs around the world that help kids survive childhood diseases like polio or tuberculosis; get an education; escape poverty; and build brighter futures for themselves as adults.

In addition to providing direct services like school lunches for hungry kids at home or vaccinations abroad, Save also advocates for policy changes such as increased funding for education or improved healthcare access (it successfully lobbied for universal vaccination against measles). The charity has been especially effective at getting governments worldwide behind these issues–for example: because of its advocacy efforts led by Queen Elizabeth II herself back in 1966 (and supported by several other members of Britain’s royal family), every child born after 1967 now gets free access to basic medical care through England’s National Health Service program called NHS Wales/Sylwadau Llifodol Cymru.”

The Giving Block

The Giving Block is a pioneering platform that connects the realm of cryptocurrencies with charitable organisations. Established in 2018, this inventive company is devoted to streamlining and simplifying the donation process for both donors and non-profit organisations by enabling effortless cryptocurrency transactions. Acknowledging the immense potential of digital assets to revolutionise philanthropy, The Giving Block has rapidly emerged as a prominent figure in the non-profit sector, allowing a new generation of donors to contribute to the greater good. By cultivating a secure, transparent, and tax-efficient environment, The Giving Block has transformed the manner in which charities engage with donors, empowering them to create meaningful change and establish a lasting impact on communities across the globe.

Creepy Creams X Save the Children

In November 2021, Creepy Creams made a humble yet meaningful contribution by donating 14 ETH ($60,200 at the time) to Save the Children. This act of goodwill not only illustrated the potential of digital currencies like Ethereum in charitable giving but also highlighted the importance of collaboration between businesses and non-profit organisations. Creepy Creams’ modest donation has supported Save the Children in their ongoing mission to protect and enhance the lives of vulnerable children globally. .


By intertwining our core values with social responsibility, we want to inspired= other small businesses to look within and find ways to contribute to society. We believe that this approach to giving back demonstrates the power of personal touch in creating a lasting, positive impact. We are proud of our efforts and will continue to pave the way for others in our industry to follow our lead.