Creepy Creams DAO is focused on creating, exploring and investing in ownable blockchain-based assets, by pooling liquidity, skills and networks. DAO Member skills and DAO equity will also be employed to further build the Creepy Creams IP and franchise.

What is a DAO?

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO is a community-led group governed using tokens or NFTs that grant members voting rights. A DAO functions like a corporation but with a flattened hierarchy; it attempts to provide a new, democratic process through decentralised governance. Unlike a traditional organisation, members of CC DAO are not bound by any formal contract. Instead, they are bound together by common goals:

1. Acquiring digital collectibles. 
2. Pushing the Creepy Creams brand forwards

Why a DAO?

Investing in an NFT project, especially a more popular one, can sometimes require significant capital that could be difficult for smaller traders to afford. Collector DAOs like us let multiple individuals own a fragment of an NFT. 

The connection between DAOs and NFTs isn’t just limited to collector DAOs. Community members and creators can collaboratively come to decisions and contribute ideas for the future direction of the NFT project. 

Generally speaking, community members create proposals about the future operations of the project and then come together to vote on each proposal. Proposals that achieve some predefined level of consensus are then accepted and enforced in the project.

Creepy Creams DAO


We are a team of 21 members (at the time of writing) including alpha callers, traders, artists, SEO experts and silent investors, living in different timezones so we can follow the NFT market 24/7.


CC DAO works together, analysing, critiquing and investing in short, medium and long-hold projects. Every proposal is decided with a concencious and 100% transparency.


Once agreed, we send a proposal for a transaction that needs to be multi-signed by trusted members so it can be executed.

Joining the Creepy Creams DAO

There are two steps to join the CC DAO

1. Provide Value

Value can be provided in multiple ways, the easiest is to be regularly active in our Discord server, providing support to community. Other examples to provide value include regularly calling profitable trades, encouraging social traffic to Creepy Creams or holding a large amount of our digital collectables. 

Usually one of the team will notice you and reach out offering to join the DAO. However, if you feel you provide value to Creepy Creams and we haven’t noticed, get in touch by opening a ticket in our Discord. 

2. Mint a DAO Pass

After speaking to one of the Creepy Creams team they will provide you with the opportunity to formally apply for the DAO. This will involve completing a short form and answering some questions about your background and skills. If successful you will be given the opportunity to mint a DAO Pass NFT. 

Holding this NFT allows you to view all of the DAO channels as well as view, discuss and participate in trades. The DAO pass is soulbound (non-transferable).

If you have questions please join the Creepy Creams Discord server and reach out to one of the team.