Ice cream & robots, what could be sweeter?

Welcome to the world of Creepy Creams. Alpha Wave & Mecha Melters are your passes into the metaverse to play games and earn.

Multiple metaverse experiences
Generate $SCOOP by staking NFTs
Supporting children’s charities
IRL events, Merch, prizes & more

(SOLD OUT) Genesis collection  –  1,500 hand-drawn, mutant ice creams.

  • Access to NFT Worlds play-to-earn games
  • Earn $WRLD passively
  • Access to Sandbox community hub
  • Whitelist on future collections
  • Stake to yield $SCOOP
  • Access to Inside Scoop Alpha

(SOLD OUT) 6,000 ice cream melting mechas split into 4 unique classes.

  • Access to NFT Worlds play-to-earn games
  • Earn $WRLD passively
  • Access to Sandbox community hub
  • Stake to yield $SCOOP
  • Access to Inside Scoop Alpha

Melt into the Metaverse

We are a community-first, metaverse-first project aiming to control a large stake of metaverse land for P2E gaming, future partnerships and community events. Our main goal is to create an enjoyable, supportive and exciting Creepy Creams community extending into the metaverse and beyond.

Metaverse gaming built on

Play-to-earn minigames in a vast, beautiful world with the Creepy Creams’ and Mecha Melters vying for supremacy.

Play or spectate to earn $WRLD, level up your avatar and crush the completion. Built in partnership with Stellardev, the premier NFT Worlds builders and developers.

Next level experiences built in

Creepy Creams will have a headquarters in Netvrk, Vanilla Valley. Players will earn rewards, play games, and socialise and interact with other Creams and Mechs!

A community hub built on

Meet up with the Creepy Creams community in the Vanilla Valley Ice Cream Factory. Built-in partnership with Landvault, this floating island is the perfect space to connect with the community, play minigames and hunt for easter eggs.

Minigames and special events are gated to Alpha Wave and Mecha Melter holders.

Want to develop your own world?

NFT Worlds Land Rental

This is the perfect entry to the metaverse and play-to-earn gaming.

We have multiple untouched NFT worlds that are available with land parcels for rent. Get in touch to find out more information and register your interest.

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12 Months

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The Team behind the Cream

Creepy Creams was born and inspired by the minds of the children of our founder, Alex. We believe everyone has good memories about ice cream from their childhood. Our goal is to create a supportive and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Alex Alamri

Founder & Operations

Neurosurgeon by day, full blown degen by night.

Tom Churchill

Founder & Artist

Medical illustrator turned full NFT creator.

Fuego NFT


Professionals at turning ice cream digital.

Alpha Squid

Community Manager

Continuously coding cream.

Lucy Haines

General Badass

The main cream behind the scenes.

Raj Rahman

Creepy Consultant

Finance and technology guru.


Creepy Consultant

Chief problem solver


Creepy Consultant

A man with infitinite insight.


World Builder

Forged in fire (or ice).