Punch in to your factory terminal where your engagements with the world outside fuel your DRIP points. Your DRIP Points will eventually be rewarded with $DRIP and we’ve built out the factory in a way that everyone gets rewarded. From NFT holders to gifted content creators, the OGs and the new blood get rewarded alike.

Social-Fi is dead. Long live Social-Fi

We get it. Airdrop farming, questing, social missions – you either love it or you hate it. When it comes to Creepy Creams we’ve been in the space a long time and we’ve focused on our community first whilst building out epic products and verticals – throughout the bear market.

Now we want to show the world what we’ve been building and bring the rest of Web3 along for the ride. There are so many ways that you can take part and we’re building our brand and products into the fun.

Social Tasks

Obviously there are some of you who just want to like a couple of tweets and follow a few accounts. That’s absolutely fine. Time is a luxury these days so simply login to The Factory and claim your Drip points for doing the bare minimum. These will be updated every so often.

Building a Community – the right way.

We love the idea of being able to reward micro content creators as well as influencers and bring them into the spotlight.

Creepy Creams are possessed ice creams, and like any evil minion they thirst for world domination. Twitter will have to do. Here’s how it will work:

1. Every few days we will highlight a tweet in The Factory and engaging with it will scoop you up extra DRIP points. Like, retweet, comment, get creamy.

2. The interns at Creepy Creams have been locked up during the bear market so they’re on the look out for fresh meat. Every day they will be scouring tweets that @ the Creepy Creams X account.

If they like what they see, they’ll like your tweet and, depending on how generous they’re feeling, they’ll manually allocate you a bunch of DRIP points just for being awesome.

We want to nurture a community that believes in the what we’re building here at Creepy Creams so please don’t bother spamming, using tickers or any of that other nonsense.

Only the most high quality content will be rewarded.

Play with us

Mobile games make us happy. We often find Factory employees playing games on the toilet instead of working.

Soon you’ll also be able to put your toilet time to work and earn Drip points while you’re dripping.

More info on this coming soon.

Frens with benefits

We’ve been around for a little while and we’ve made a few friends along the way. We want to reward those project holders that believe in strong IP as the bridge between Web3 and Web3. 

Here’s a list of projects that we think fit the bill:


Pudgy Penguins



Pixelmon Gen 1

Pirate Nation



Sappy Seals

Kaiju Kingz

If you own any of these, come and join our discord and claim your role. Once you’ve got your role you’ll begin multiplying your DRIP points immediately!

Join Discord

Tiers and Multipliers

The Factory has multiple levels and our employees are always trying to get to the top. This isn’t so they can escape – the Creepy Creams have made that impossible. It’s so that they can lord it over all the rest of their pathetic colleagues.

There are 6 tiers in The Factory and each tier gives a multiplier to Factory workers.

Keep earning DRIP points and you’ll successfully unlock a new multiplier, making even more disgusting DRIP to feed the Creepy Creams. 

We forget to mention, holding Creepy Creams NFTs automatically get you the highest level multipliers. Tier points will be announced soon. Take a look at the collections before they get too far out of reach:

Creepy Creams Collection

Mecha Melters Collection

Cream DAO Pass – don’t bother, you can’t buy it. 


Finally, we’re building something special here. It’s going to be disgusting, cute and creepy and it’ll definitely be useful for getting more DRIP. What’s certain is, we know you’ll love it.

Don’t waste time now. Employees who join The Factory early will be getting accelerated rewards. We like to make sure that our Factory workers never want to leave. Not that they can anyway.